Communication and Colour

Communication and Colour: Are the colours you wear hindering your communication success?

I get it, its early in the morning and you need to get dressed and out the door as quickly as possible. However, you still want to present well and feel confident or at least comfortable in what are wearing. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing. Itchy or stiff fabrics, skirts or pants that cling to your body and of course shoes that you just want to kick off or perhaps at that annoying co-worker (there’s always one).

The rules of appropriate business attire are changing. Every company is different. Many women are facing the issue of wanting to fit in with the company culture but also develop a style that represents their true selves. They want to be taken seriously. So, how do you develop your personal style that can boost your chances to get what you want at work or least let you feel confident and comfortable?

One way is through the use of colour.

According to the Institute of Colour Research, people make a subconscious judgement about a person within 90 seconds of initial viewing. We judge because what we really want to know is;

  • can we trust this person?
  • How alike are we?
  • Do they fit into my tribe?

Different colours influence the way we feel, think and act. For example, think of policemen or the army. They wear authoritative and intimating colours; they don’t wear soft colours with floral prints. As we interact with people, we can wear certain colours or a combination of colours to present ourselves that will be viewed very well by our audience. Below is the summary of the general meaning behind different colours:

  • Purple: luxury, wisdom, magic, passion
  • Pink: faithfulness, compassion, beauty, sensitivity
  • Yellow: joy, cheerfulness, intellect, energy
  • Red: passion, urgency, excitement, daring
  • Green: growth, money, relaxation, love
  • Blue: communication, calmness, self expression, truth
  • Orange: happiness, feminine, calm, security

Need to impress clients?

Did you know that blue is the world’s most popular colour especially with males, followed by red which is usually loved by females?

Now, not everyone is confident to wear colour as it can feel overpowering or even difficult to coordinate. Remember you don’t need to wear bright yellow, it can be soft and pastel. Please find some inspiration below on how to add colour to your wardrobe:

  1. Wear a scarf
  2. Wear a necklace, bracelet or earrings in colour.
  3. Have a statement handbag in your colour of choice
  4. Wear a belt
  5. Match your shoes with your necklace or jacket
  6. Try a different nail polish colour

Buy one colour statement piece like a coat, jacket or skirt. Everything else you wear can be a neutral shade like black, grey, navy or white.

Stacey’s Style challenge: Try implementing the colour of your choice in one of your outfits in the next week and see how you feel.



About Your Guest Blogger: Stacey Sage has an extensive background in fashion, mixed with her desire to empower women in finding their unique beauty through style and personal alignment, has created a powerful movement of self- acceptance for females everywhere. With the intuitive inner knowing that style is not just what you wear after years soul-searching and self-discovery, Stacey stylishly aligned with her own powerful mission. To assist the modern women in unleashing her inner goddess and claiming her unique power through self-expression and vibrational alignment. Stacey Sage is a mentor, speaker, worldwide women’s alignment catalyst and the creator of multiple transformational online programs.