Change Your Thoughts About Money in 3 Simple Steps

You may have heard the good old saying ‘what you think about, you bring about’?

Whoever came up with that saying was a genius! It has been scientifically proven that the supercomputer between your ears, your brain, can bring you exactly the things your thoughts focus on. Because your constant thoughts activate an area in the brain called the Reticular Activating System. This system then searches out anything that supports your thoughts and drives you to take actions that will bring about the results your thoughts focus on.

If you are finding yourself in financial hardship right now, or finding that you haven’t been able to break through the income level you have been on for the past three years, it is time to look at your thoughts a little closer as they may just be the culprit in holding you back from financial success.

Step 1: Awareness

With over 50,000 thoughts a day it is easy to say that a lot of these thoughts go un-noticed on the conscious level. What it also means is that there are a lot of actions taken that were done on autopilot! So step one is to start becoming aware of your thoughts.

The aim is not to catch all thoughts, but to catch the thoughts that underline your current financial situation. The way you can raise awareness is by taking time to sit down and write out all the sayings you heard growing up about money. Things like ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘stinking, filthy rich’ or ‘easy come, easy go’ are a few examples. These sayings have been part of your internal programming.

If they don’t come to you easily when you are consciously trying to think about them, create a money journal. In this money journal write down each financial transaction that you take, the amount, the reason, and what feelings you were experiencing due to that expenditure. To start with do it for a week, that will already show you some patterns forming. Not to mention you will find your triggers that create mindless spending!

Step 2: Question Your Current Beliefs

Once you have a list of thoughts and beliefs about money start analysing them further. Which ones are you using yourself still? Which ones do you identify with now? Which ones are affecting your life that are actually someone else’s belief? Most importantly, where and how have you proven this belief wrong before?

The answer to creating a new thought pattern about money lies in your questioning, as once you can see that you have proven the old limiting thoughts wrong many times you can create a new belief, positive belief to feed.

You may ask that if you have proven the limiting belief wrong before, why does it still prevail? It is because it has been around for longer than the new belief. See each of your thoughts around money created a neurological pathway in your brain. If you had more limiting beliefs, you had more experiences supporting that.

When you try to take a different course of action without addressing the limiting belief, the new thought gets added to the pathway, but will not become strong unless you make conscious decisions to feed into it, to build up the evidence to prove your new belief.

Step 3: Choose a New Supporting Belief

So you have discovered that your old beliefs were holding you back. You have found that contrary to what you thought, making money wasn’t selfish, in fact it was your obligation to do so.

Now let’s chose a new belief! This will have to resonate with you so you can consciously start working on finding the supporting evidence for it.

For example if you kept thinking that making money was hard, when you found that you enjoy what you do and as such you enjoy making money. You could choose a new thought like ‘I love the way I make money now, it makes making money easy and effortless’. You get the idea!

Once you have the new thought that you need to focus on, start consciously working on supporting it. It will require you to consciously make decisions in the future, to stay aware, and to keep question yourself about how your new belief is supporting you. Be patient with yourself! Be persistent! Creating a new thought pattern can take up to 144 days in some instances, depending on how ingrained the negative belief you are trying to turn over has been.

About Your Guest Blogger: I’m Orsolya Bartalis, co-author of Reboot Your Life, Every Entrepreneurs Guide, the Australian Property Book and founder of Unlimited Results. She studied business and personal finance before co-authoring the books and creating Unlimited Results to help others achieve their dreams. She can help you find your passion, win back your time, and master your finances. Will you join her?