Calling on Mindfulness to Step Away from the Circus

Too Many Balls in the Air? How Mindfulness Eliminates the Juggling

Being a business woman, as you know, has its many challenges. You feel like a circus juggler with a multitude of tasks in the air throughout each and every day, from the simplest to the most complex. The thought of adding another ‘task’ to your list of things to do seems too much, despite the desire to have calm and presence in your life when there is chaos around you.

What do to?

Mindfulness: learning simple and easy techniques that you can introduce into your daily life without utilising any extra time. This is an easy solution to support yourself in your busy days and still be able to do what you need to do. In fact, you will find that you will achieve so much more and be more effective with a renewed clarity of thought. You will surprise yourself at how much time you do actually have and then some to do the things you want to do.

As you may have experienced, when you are busy, you don’t always make the best decisions.

Your mind is so full with all you have to do, plus more.

You jump from one crisis to another putting out fires all over the place.

Balls are crashing down, clowns are falling off cycles, the lion is loose. No one is manning the circus tent!

There just doesn’t seem to be a moment to have a nice hot cup of tea, let alone take a breather. You are unable to get a handle on how to cope going into overwhelm. This in turn can create fear and anxiety. Suddenly, your life is out of control running from one thing to the next without feeling present.

Does some of this resonate?

This is where mindfulness has its place. It supports you in creating a calm mind and control of your thoughts, despite the chaos around you. You will find that over time your mind will begin to settle and become razor sharp. In turn, you will this gives you the chance to be focused to see more clearly what needs to get done, what is important, what is urgent and what you can leave for another day or bin it.

Mindfulness helps you see how you distract yourself from your main focus, rather than remaining on task. This is so easy to do, particularly when it is something you love doing or feels familiar and effortless. This can lead to a false sense of satisfaction and achievement as you not be doing what is most important. You are doing what is comfortable and easy.

  • When you take regular moments during the day, it enables you to step back to look at what is happening for you right now.
  • It creates a circuit breaker to get you out of overwhelm and the intensity of the moment.
  • It helps you feel more confident in making more considered and responsible decisions, to be more productive and efficient.
  • It gives you time to think clearly and thoughtfully to minimize mistakes and unwise decisions done on the hop.
  • Furthermore, it eases and removes tension and anxiety that can hold you back from truly moving forward.

Tips on how to keep you on track:

  1. Take regular breaks to put space in between tasks (make that cuppa drinking it whilst it is still piping hot!)
  2. Do one task at a time completely (watch how you will get more done!)
  3. Regularly stop and take deliberate breaths during the day (the circuit breaker).
  4. Be fully present in all that you do (focus on your breathing to connect you to the present moment and task on hand).
  5. Keep smiling (watch what happens in and around you).
  6. Know that you are brilliant and capable, but you weren’t meant to be a circus clown. You don’t need to juggle everything all the time.

A couple of simple and easy to implement techniques you can use at all times to get you out of cloudiness or fuzziness of mind helping you create clarity of mind, like photograph: in focus, clear with sharp edges.

  • Breath meditation
    Make yourself comfortable sitting at your desk, legs uncrossed, back straight and close your eyes. Simply focus on and follow your breath as you inhale and exhale feeling yourself slowly relaxing and creating a sense of peace and calm.
  • Sigh, feel your body soften

Take a big breath in, sighing as you breathe out. This opens the tight chest muscles; the out-breath is all about letting go of control and relaxing into the moment.

 Enjoy creating more space in your mind to be a wildly successful woman. (Now, where is that lion?)

About Your Guest Blogger:  Chantal’s purpose is to lead women to rediscover their own power, to fulfil their personal and business lives. She delivers this through her business; Unfold Your Freedom. Chantal is also a passionate philanthropist, meditation and mindfulness teacher, reiki master and owner of International Skincare Brand, Franc Essential.