Business Plans and babies

Episode #3 – Kate Savage – Business Plans and babies

Show Notes:

  • 1:05 Transitioning from advertising to coaching
  • 3:30 No job, No plan but “I quit”
  • 7:16 How Kate sourced her first clients
  • 9:00 Career coach vs mentor, what’s the difference?
  • 15:00 “Switching Off” separating mum and career women
  • 19:16 Problems with maternity leave and it’s effect on women
  • 23:00 Business plans and babies
  • 26:56 Maternity leave coaching
  • 29:05 Jumping out of planes and facing your fear

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About Kate:

My role at the beginning of the year was as Client Services Director at a creative agency. I was uninspired and frustrated with decisions that didn’t reflect my values or employee management ethos, but didn’t want to leave my teams ‘on their own’. I set to work to make all the changes I knew would set the team up for a fair start, and left – every single message on the leaving card said ‘thank you’ 🙂

I had a lightbulb moment walking to work one day – halfway over Pyrmont Bridge – when I realised Coaching was what I wanted to do.

I had no qualifications only experience, no real understanding of the industry but I knew, I just knew, that this was it. 

I handed in my notice and left my high paying job with the aim of starting my own business as a Coach & Mentor. 

I went back ‘to school’ (which I was never very good at the first time round!), but excelled as I knew the subject, I was good at it and I was soaking it all up and then using the information immediately in my coaching assignments. 

I had to find clients, and so reached out to my networks and offered some free career coaching sessions for exaperience and study. My inbox was flooded. The first four were my first clients, and are now paying clients who have been on a great journey with me over the last few months. 

Suddenly after having managed teams, and been surrounded by 40-200 people, I had to do the finance, the website, the travel bookings – some fun, some not so much… 

As all women do, I questioned myself – Can I do this, am I doing it right? 

But then I’ve seen the people I coach changing – from their posture, to their outlook, to their disposition. Is there a better ‘goal’ for a day at work than that?? 

Within the first two months I was receiving feedback like this and I knew I was on the right track “Ever heard the expression “You can’t see the wood for the trees”? I was in that position until I met Kate and she put the trees in priorities for me and showed me my worth and achievements. My life is back in control! Thanks Kate!” 

It took me 15 years to find what I really wanted to do outside advertising, with no real answer for ‘what is your passion’ – now I have found it and 2015 will be a big year! 

twitter: @elbowroomcoach


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