Best Reasons to Get Free Publicity. Tips to Get Started

Free! Yes, Free! We all love that word, but when it is attached to something that will help our business, well, then, it takes on a whole new meaning! This time, I am talking about Free Publicity!

If you think it’s not for your business, I respectfully beg to differ! Each and every business could benefit from free publicity because it offers more credibility than traditional

Each and every business could benefit from free publicity because it offers more credibility than traditional advertising. Free publicity can also help potential customers and clients see the personality behind your brand. Credibility and personality is key in this day of social connection. Personal touches are more important than ever.

Remember that every single business is competing for the attention of the buying public. We are all bombarded with urgent appeals to “buy this or try that” in every sort of media, along with the abundance of advertising merchandise. If you want to be found without spending a fortune, you need free publicity!

Bringing something to market and getting and keeping an audience for it is hard—really hard. But, it can be done and there are various ways to go about it.

The main three are:


This method is information, you’ll need to put your brand out in front of consumer’s eyes about 20 times before customers will make a purchase.

Word of Mouth 

There is nothing better and nothing more effective. It builds trust with your customers and they, in turn, bring family and friends and the circle grows. But, it takes time to build a solid business because it is more of a one on one customer relationship builder.

Free Publicity 

Free Publicity is a wonderful and effective way to build credibility and trust in your brand because it is someone else doing the talking for you, or quoting you. It is also a one on one with the reader, who now sees you as an expert.

So, now that we agree that every business needs free publicity, here are some ways to get it!

Building Relationships

Start by reading articles and blogs and stories about topics you love and can speak about. Understand the writing style and highlight a few great lines by writers you admire and like. After a while, you’ll know if you want them to write about you. 

Send an email once in a while thanking them for their writing etc. Then gently mention that you are available as an expert on xyz topic. If you get no response, wait a while and do it again a few months later. If you still get no response, give that one up. But more than likely, you’ll get a nice response back and possibly a query in your chosen topic. Pitch the entire idea; don’t make them come back for more. It will make it easy for the writer, which in turn will keep you

Pitch the entire idea; don’t make them come back for more. It will make it easy for the writer, which in turn will keep you in front of their mind when they need more in the future. Writers always love the easy ones to work with!

Remember that writers are artists want to be appreciated. They understand that you want press and that you want your name out there as much as possible. They also have a story to write and need your information. But, they also want to know that you are grateful for their help. Thank them! Send a thank you email or note to every single reporter or writer who mentions your name. Trust me, they will remember the ones that do way more than the ones that don’t.

Use the Query Services!

Help a Reporter Out and Source Bottle are services that match writers and reporters with people and business that have stories and/or expertise to share.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but there is a certain knack to using the services and here are my best tips on how to get picked up multiple times:

Write great subject headers. You need the writer to get past the first line and actually open your response. Make the subject header a smart, concise taste of what your answer contains.

Write really thought out answers. Always keep on topic and make sure you answer the question to the best of your ability with your expert information. Give writers the good stuff. Don’t expect a writer to come back for more information unless they have made it clear they might.

Make sure they can find you! Ensure that your bio is attached to the answer and that it is a good indicator, verbally, of who you are and why your information on that particular topic is relevant.

Putting yourself out there can be scary. It can, however, also be the most empowering feeling—not just for your business, but also for your personal life. If you are passionate about your topic and knowledgeable, not only do you have plenty to share but also people will want to listen.

So, are you ready to get Free Publicity for you or your brand? I thought so!


About Your Guest Blogger Roberta Perry: After years of being selfless and taking care of everyone else’s needs, (OK, that is my humble opinion, but work with me here) my skin was dry, itchy and irritated. In 2005, at 43, I finally realized that taking care of my skin and myself was important. I discovered exfoliating products, but like the proverbial Goldilocks, none were completely satisfying my needs and wants. I headed for the kitchen and played like a “mad chemist” to create my own. After all these years, I am proud of the fact that our products are still handcrafted with love in small batches.