The Best Investments a Mompreneur Can Make

Having children is the most rewarding and time-consuming experience that a person can have, especially as a mother. Luckily for mompreneurs all over the globe, the modern age has blessed us with the power of the internet, giving us not only an easy way to make our small business idea a reality but even making it possible to base our entire business on the online world. With the abysmal budget, most parents have at their disposal, making smart investments for your mompreneur experience is the pillar of success.

Stock market

The cryptocurrency market has completely changed the way the world of investment works – nowadays, the Average Joe and Jane can actually turn a solid profit by making small, yet smart choices. The value of the stock market as a great investment, however, transcends cryptocurrencies; in fact, businesses investing in other companies have become quite a common thing – many firms actually own a percentage of others via shares.

As a mompreneur, you shouldn’t be relying on this too much, although making sure that you’re present in the world of stocks can turn out quite the game changer. Invest in startups and/or established businesses that are also your clients, or that you’re connected to in some way. However, research absolutely goes without saying here.


While making moderate investments by buying company stocks is a low-risk way to earn more capital, saving money is completely risk-free! Here’s the best surefire tip when it comes to saving: come up with a percentage that you will always deduct from your earnings; you guessed it – these are your savings! Although, unfortunately, the majority of savings accounts don’t really offer huge interest rates, always having some money on the side (and this amount will grow over time) is a great idea, not only in terms of your business, but for your family rainy day fund as well; you are a MOMpreneur, after all.


Coming up with financing is, without a doubt, the most difficult and challenging part of starting a business. In fact, it is a common reason why most wannabe entrepreneurs run out of cash before turning their brilliant business ideas into reality.

First of all, as a rule of thumb, mompreneurs should always keep away from loans, bank- and government-issued alike. The only viable options here are personal loans from friends or family, which, however, often tend to get too “personal”.

Instead of having to worry about compromising your relationship with those closest to you, make sure that you’re always aware of top people in your business field – this can not only serve as an invaluable source of infinite free advice but also as a means of getting in touch with potential investors; having your role model as your main investor isn’t all that far-fetched in the modern world, plus actually knowing your investor personally can serve as a gateway to many good things to come.

Finally, if you want a low-effort means of obtaining money for your startup, give crowdfunding business such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo a go.

Your children’s education

Yes, taking care of your children’s educational needs is a huge, long-term investment. What does this have to do with your business?

Well, nothing, save for the fact that this is yet another money-guzzler to keep your mind off your business.

So, why was this investment even mentioned here? It’s simple: you should never forget that you are a MOMpreneur – you need to multitask between your family and your business at all times.

Investing into your children’s education requires as much time as any serious business project (perhaps even more), which means that you should use your business skills to conduct in-detail research with regards to your children’s education fund.

For example, we all know that the college fund is an essential part of financing designated for your children’s education, but its Return On Investment (ROI) is a bit tricky to handle. Unlike business ROI, where you can simply point to a spreadsheet that shows how profitable your investment was, college return on investment is actually based on not one, but three things: net price, Financial Aid Available (potential debt) and potential earnings. It all depends on your kid’s major and, therefore, will take a ton of research.

Being a mompreneur is a hugely rewarding experience, but it certainly isn’t easy – it requires shuffling between taking care of your professional needs and your children. In order to keep things running as smoothly as possible on both “fronts”, a real mompreneur will always keep an eye on the stock market, while keeping savings, funding, and her children’s education in mind.


About Your Guest Blogger: Claire, I am a personal and professional development expert and an HR & ER specialist with more than 6 years in the industry. Also, I’m an education enthusiast who has devoted a lot of time doing research and writing about education, parenting, and womanpreneurship. You can connect with Claire on college return on investment