Are you a Fitpreneur?

You are running your business and you need to run your body like a business as well!

Our guest Nikki Fodgen-Moore the founder of The Vitality Coach. With over 2 decades experience in bringing both Personal and Commercial vitality to life. Known as the Mojo Maker Author, Speaker, and Global Coach, Nikki Fogden-Moore specialises in working with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the life they want. 

In this podcast you will learn;

  • [3.03] The drive behind why Nikki started her own business
  • [4.14] What the magic number of years in business is for success and the gambles Nikki took in business that really paid off
  • [11.34] Fitpreneur – your health is your wealth! This book was written for people wanting to do things in life. Learn why I love this handbook soooooo very very much!
  • [15.49 ] Why your health is important to your success and how to negotiate for it
  • [17.53] How not to fall into the trap of ignoring your health, when you are caught up in the hustle of your business.
  • [19.27] The 1% rule when you think you don’t have enough time
  • [22.10] Why ‘me time’ needs to be separated from health and wealth    
  • [25.05] Learn Nikki’s definition of business and personal success
  • [26.35] How do you reconnect with your ‘WHY’
  • [28.00] how to create your 90-day plan, and how often should you revisit it

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