A Reality Check For Productivity

If there is one task in my business that I hate doing, it’s the financials. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at, and tracking my numbers… I just hate having to enter/track receipts, invoicing and all the fiddly stuff that I know I need to do in order to get those tracking figures that are so important for my business growth.

So how do you honour those commitments in your business? Specifically, how do you get those tasks done that you don’t particularly enjoy and look for excuses not to do?

Something clicked with me this year that I want to share with you today…

How can I expect to have a successful business with consistent growth if I wasn’t 100% committed and dedicated to nurturing it how it needed to be nurtured?

Because here is the thing. Your business is an integrate puzzle and each piece of the puzzle is just as important as the next.

Of course, there are always going to be tasks that you don’t enjoy doing – same as in every job description there are always going to be tasks that nobody wants to do. So how do you take control of the tasks you dislike without putting yourself through hell?

Well in my opinion, you have one of two options and the first option is to outsource it.

Let’s go back to my hate of bookkeeping for example. Every week I was finding excuses not to do it. There was always something more interesting and important to do. It took me foreverrrrrrrrrr to do and it stressed me out. So I chucked it in the f*ckit bucket and found an awesome bookkeeper in my area (who LOVES numbers and therefore I LOVE her), and brought her onboard to take care of it for me. Now I can focus more on creating more content for DBW and less of the bookkeeping. It’s a win win!

This has saved me so much mental anxiety and I can now focus on the things I love to do and cause less stress.

Obviously, when I first started out I couldn’t afford to outsource and this brings me to my second point for people with tasks they don’t look forward to….

Consistently remind yourself of your goals to keep you motivated and on track.

To do this I used to write down all of the reasons why keeping track of my numbers is a vital part of the growth of my business, and every time I felt like procrastinating and skipping a week I would read those reasons out loud to myself.

It’s easy to find excuses not to do things but if you go out of your way to remind yourself WHY you need to do these tasks you will feel a wave of ‘have to’ motivation. TIP: If you’re not at the outsourcing stage yet, do some research and work out how much more money you would have to make to afford it.

Often it won’t be as much as you think and by finding out what that value is, you will be more motivated to turn that goal into a reality.

So let me challenge you with a goal to build a better and stronger business

By completing these tasks you are proving to yourself (and to the Universe!) that you’re taking action and are committed to making your dream a reality.

Your challenge is to identify your least favourite task and work out how much money it would cost your business to outsource it.

Share your insights in the comments section below. I want to know what is your least favourite task and what’s holding you back from outsourcing it?