7 Ways You Can Balance Work and Family Life

7 Tips to Balance Your Work and Family Life (And Stay Sane)

Mums are true superheroes. They not only manage to take care of the house and every family member, but many of them are also in the workforce, in the government, some even run their own businesses, charities, and they still find time to play with their children and look after their wellbeing. This is not easy to accomplish, but with a healthy routine, an organized schedule and lots of support from family members, it can be accomplished.

Some new mothers feel guilt when it’s time to go back to work, which is understandable, but it’s mostly based on fear, and you should never let fear stand on your way to a happy work-family balance.

Here are some more tips which might help:

Lose the guilt.

Instead of losing yourself over the guilt that you’re not with your children, just lose the guilt and think of how your job can help your family.

You’ll be able to save some money for school expenses, a college fund, or just for some fun moments and guilty pleasures. Even if we don’t want to admit it, money rule almost every important aspect of our lives, so having some extra won’t hurt.

Once you come to terms with the choices and focus on the important things, you will start climbing the ladder of the successful career mom. Accept that there will be good and bad moments, and remember that you’re not alone, there are support blogs, groups, and forums filled with countless of other mums in the same situation.

Discuss childcare options.

Since you won’t be around all the time, you’ll need to consider the childcare options you’re facing. Of course, children in school or kindergarten save you all the trouble. For younger kids, there are a few options.

Maybe you have a relative in town that has the time and will to help you out for a couple of hours a day?

If not, then you can ask your friends for good references to babysitters, nannies or daycare centres in your area.

Some bigger companies even have private daycare centres for their employees, you can research that too. It’s important to create a list of requirements you want to be met when looking for childcare options. It will help during interviews and you’ll be able to sort through everything more quickly.

Stay organized.

In our fast and hectic world, we need to stay organized to survive. The easiest way to organize all your endeavours is to use calendars. Google calendars is a good option because you can colour the different activities in different colours, which makes it easy to read and follow.

You can also easily share it across family members. You can track everything on your calendar – birthdays and special events, when to pay the bills, school activities, hobbies, and everything else. You can also make a separate calendar for your work duties, this way you won’t forget anything ever.

Plan ahead.

Miracles don’t exist. To start the morning on a good, calm note, you need to prepare for it from the evening.

That means to prepare and pack the kids’ lunches, place their clothes for the next day in a convenient location, have everyone take a shower before bed, decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast, and make sure all backpacks, purses, diaper bags and work bags are fully supplied, packed and ready near the front door.

This way you can just grab them and get out. You should also check your schedule for the next day from the evening, divide the domestic tasks with your partner (groceries, picking up the kids, cooking meals, cleaning, etc.) and discuss any important details about tomorrow.

Know your work options.

Every company has different rules and allows different things, so you need to be aware of your options.

Some companies are more family-friendly, they allow flexible working hours, working from home on occasion, and much more.

Have a meeting with your HR representative and discuss all the opportunities, so you can have a clear view of your options.

Create family activities.

It’s important to make time for your kids and partner on a regular basis. This will nurture your family dynamics and will allow all of you to bond. If your free time during the day is limited, then you can have a special family breakfast tradition, or family movie night, or board games evening, whatever makes everyone happy.

And sometimes try to find some time for just you and your partner – it will keep the romance alive. Spending time with your loved ones is very important, it gives your kids something to look forward, and it helps all of you grow as a family.

Have time and space for yourself.

Don’t forget about the most important piece when it comes to healthy work-life balance – keeping your sanity. Create small moments for just yourself, so you can relax and do whatever makes you happy – read a book, have a glass of wine, go for a massage or just sit and relax. You deserve it!



Author Bio: Jane Wilson is a mother, a blogger and a business manager from Melbourne. Her passions are home improvement, gardening and cooking. She manages the local branch of Fantastic Cleaners, a certified company, which provides a full portfolio of cleaning services. She also owns a small blog, called Modern Housewives, where she shares all kinds of tips on these topics, and information about interesting events around Melbourne.