6 Top Tips For Clearing Debt and Becoming A Money Magnet

Article Contributed By Carly Evans

In the world we live in today, debt isn’t just common – it seems to be totally normal. We get thrifty with our credit cards and get bogged down with loans and it easily gets out of control.

Let me show you my tips on how to clear your debt and turn yourself into a money magnet…

Tip #1 – Know your starting point

Too many of us are sticking our heads in the sand and not really paying attention to how much debt we have.

Spend some time writing out exactly what you owe and to whom. It can be scary and confronting to do this, but until you know what your reality is, you can’t move forward.

Tip #2 – Set your goals

Once you know where you’re starting, set out a weekly budget and track it in a spreadsheet or on paper. Enlist the help of someone else if this is overwhelming for you. You can then set goals for yourself – create a goal of where you’d like to be (e.g. debt free, financially free, bringing in $2000 profit per week) and start by paying what you can off your personal debt – start with the smallest debt, or the debt that charges the most interest.

Also look at credit card promotions where you can transfer your existing credit card debt to a new credit card with a 0% balance transfer for 12-24 months, which will save you stacks of interest each month.

Tip #3 – Figure out what your relationship with money is like

Money, like anything, is just energy, and responds to the energy we put out there too. If you were in a relationship with money, what would that relationship be like? Rocky? Absent? Volatile? Loving?

Tip #4 – Explore your limiting beliefs about money

Most of us have grown up with our parents telling us “money doesn’t grow on trees” or similar. What’s your earliest memories of money, both good and bad? Was it hard to come by and always a struggle? Or was it freely available?

Reflecting on your upbringing around money is a good starting point.

Have a read through the following scenarios and pay attention to what immediately pops into your head:

  • You drive past someone in a flashy yellow Lamborghini
  • Your best mate gets back from holiday and shows you her $10,000 Louis Vitton handbag
  • Your child asks you for an expensive toy
  • You get hit with an unexpected medical bill
  • The washing machine packs up

Your thoughts will start pointing you to the limiting beliefs you may have around money, e.g. money is hard to come by, you have to work really hard for your money, spiritual people can’t be rich. Only when you know your limiting beliefs can you start doing the work to overcome them.

Tip #5 – Watch your language

How do you speak about money? Do you repeat statements like “I’m broke” or “we can’t afford it?”

If so, choose a different story. Change your language to be empowering – “I wonder what we can do to find the money for that?”

Tip #6 – Raise your vibration

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on is what we get more of – but it’s more than just that. We also attract based on the energy we are putting out there. We can’t be a money magnet if we are spending most of our time in a crappy vibration complaining about how bad our life is.

The best way to raise your vibration is to have fun. Fun is an amazing way to snap us out of a funky emotional state. Once we are in the zone of feeling neutral or feeling positive, that’s the time to work on our money goals and start manifesting what we really want.

I hope you found these tips useful!

About your guest blogger: Carly Evans aka Coach Carly www.coachcarly.com Transformational Life + Body Coach (certified through the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy) Contributing Author in the internationally best selling Adventures in Manifesting series (Soulful Relationships)