6 Insanely Simple Yet Effective Hacks which Most of the Mompreneurs are Missing out on!

Being a Mompreneur is no mean feat, because you are needed everywhere and at all times. It’s like you are facing a new challenge every minute and there is a pressing need to overcome it. So, how do you keep calm and carry on?

Here are 6 amazingly simple yet effective hacks which can help you strike that right cord of balance, so that you can take your business to dizzying heights of success while being a mom!

Be at it Constantly

The thing with being an entrepreneur is that people don’t realize that any business isn’t exactly financially rewarding in its early stages. And it becomes tougher for mothers, because along with their ‘business baby’ they are juggling a million other things. Time is really at a premium for them, and hence the temptation to give up on the business weighs heavier in those early months. If you are facing a similar situation, then remember that perseverance is the key. Push yourself to work harder, and it will surely pay off in the later years. 


Prioritizing will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary chaos. So, get organized. Be it planning or putting it all down in the form of lists. It will help you especially when you feel overwhelmed, which will be often, given that you are raising your kids and business simultaneously.

Break down the day task wise, prioritise according to importance and do not forget to balance all of them as per your needs. For instance, you might be more productive in the evening, so you can schedule the mundane or straight-forward tasks in the beginning of the day. This way you can free up more time and get more work done in a day sans the stress!

Never Undervalue ‘Me-time’

‘I don’t remember the last time I exercised!’ or ‘It’s been ages since I met my friends.’ These are some of the most common phrases you will hear from Mompreneurs’.

Never undermine the power of some quality time you spend on yourself. Staying fit, relaxing, eating healthy are essential elements which you need to embrace for being successful in your business and your role as a mom. So, listen to your body and stay as healthy as you can! Make exercise a part of your daily schedule, chalk some ‘me-time’ breaks within regular days. These small steps will rejuvenate you so that you can gain big in future.

Build a Support System

Whether it is your spouse, your children, your friends or your colleagues, a strong support system is more of a necessity. For instance, involving your kids can help you address some of your business issues in unexpected ways. Also, asking for help when things seem beyond your control does not question your capabilities. At times like these, you can confidently rely on your support system to help you or inspire you or just provide support in so many ways so that you can keep a sane mind and continue.

Pro-tip: Networking is your best bet to have a strong professional support system. Be it a dog park or a conference, there are numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

When your support system is your sister, a mompreneur and your colleague, nothing seems impossible!

Work Smart

You need to work not just harder but smarter as well. Identify the tasks which you can club, outsource or share with anyone from your support system. There would always be situations when you would feel that no one can do it better than you, especially when it comes to your kids. But, you need to choose wisely about what is more important at that moment without panicking. And more importantly, let the second ‘important’ thing go. Remember – club, outsource, share or assign.

Say no to Guilt or Self-doubt

Your family needs you, but so does your business. The worst thing you can do is to compare your journey with others. It only pulls you down towards self-doubt and guilt. Whether it is about giving ample time to your kids or working extra hours for business, never feel guilty or question your capabilities. Instead, draw on the positives of the others, especially those who are successful.

One of those picture-perfect moments, when family-time comes first.

Above all, never stop and never give up. Sometimes it’s business first and kids later and sometimes it’s vice versa. Every business woman has a different rhythm of work-life balance. You just need to identify yours and arrange your life accordingly. Follow the above mentioned hacks so that you can enjoy your entrepreneurial journey and motherhood simultaneously and to the hilt. And yes, Happy International Mother’s day.




About Your Guest Blogger – Kura Perkins Mom, innovator, entrepreneur, and designer are some of the titles Kura Perkins goes by. Polarity is a word she loves as she joyfully juggles four businesses across multiple countries and three kids! In 2009, after her tour to Argentina where she fell in love with the natural beauty of cowhide, she co-founded ArtHide with her sister Bree. With eleven years of experience in PR, Kura now handles marketing and communications for her various businesses and regularly writes and contributes to various platforms educating people about the beauty and benefits of cowhides, homewares, entrepreneurialism and all things related! When she’s not working or writing, she’s either relaxing at the beach with her husband and her three beautiful daughters or planning her next family trip!