5 Principles to Creating Work-Life Balance

I have seen it through my Human Resources career, how people struggle with work-life balance.

Especially if they are in a position where they can be reached around the clock on the company mobile phone.   For many in the workforce, achieving any type of work-life balance can seem like a myth.

Time free from workplace obligations seems to becoming ever more elusive with no clearly defined structure. And this challenge just gets magnified when you start working for yourself. After all who is going to pull you up for starting late or working into the night?

But running your own business doesn’t have to be all about work. Here are some principles that you can put into practice to create your work-life balance.

Get clear on what you want

Decide now on how you want your day to be? Instead of letting the day run you, make deliberate choices what you want to have in your day. If exercise is important, lock it in. If running the kids to school is a must, allow so much time for it. Date night is a must, block the time out for it. Networking events, social calls, content creation, sales session, whatever you need to make happen in a day, week, month or even a year, lock it in. Put it in the calendar and plan for it and commit to the actions you are choosing to take.

Set boundaries

Let’s face it, those sales calls aren’t going to happen if you are chatting away with your girlfriends. So set boundaries, If you block time out for work, then turn off your emails and do not answer others calls. Anyone in your office environment needs to be aware that you are focusing on a piece of work right now, do not disturb. If they try, you just have to be firm to turn them down for now and follow up later.

Review what’s working and what isn’t

If you find that your work is taking over and balance is nowhere to be found, it’s generally because you crossed the boundaries and fell off the rails. It’s easy to get back on track. Review what’s causing the drift, discuss with parties involved and come to a solution as to how you can work on it together for a better outcome. Sometimes you might just need to adjust things slightly.

Set purposeful goals

Many people go through life and get caught up in situations and circumstances that end up controlling them. Those that achieve balance have a defined plan around time frames and are willing to make some sacrifices –either in the currency of time or money – to get what they want in the end. To spur you on the journey, link your goals to things that are important to you.

Set a strong support network

A support network is a must! Whether it’s for time off emergencies, feedback on your business offering, accountability to get you moving toward your goals or to get some well deserved time off, you need to create a strong support network that you can rely on to assist you and support you on your journey.

About Your Guest Blogger: I’m Orsolya Bartalis, co-author of Reboot Your Life, Every Entrepreneurs Guide, the Australian Property Book and founder of Unlimited Results. She studied business and personal finance before co-authoring the books and creating Unlimited Results to help others achieve their dreams. She can help you find your passion, win back your time, and master your finances. Will you join her?