4 Feminine Ways to Start Having a Life alongside a Busy Business

Article contributed by Jonita D’souza

Let’s be honest! The main reason we women start a business is to create a fulfilling lifestyle – a lifestyle where we have the freedom to choose what we want to do, when we want to do, with whom, travel, eat and buy what we want, have time for friends and family and most importantly provide a better self-care to ourselves.

But being a business woman and working for ourselves can be a bit tricky. We often forget when to stop. We business women of the 21st century have become very well trained in being super professional, awesome multitasking machines and confident achievers but we have no idea how to give ourselves a break. We end up feeling overworked, depleted and of course, self-care goes out of the window.

Trust me, I am a hard working business woman too but what I have learnt the hard way is that working hard does not always equate to getting the desired results. Instead, working hard depletes us of our life-force energy in the long run resulting into some kind of illness and we end up taking even longer to recover.

Can you relate to that?

As women, our primary essence is feminine energy and hence it is important for us to learn to use this energy which is present in each one of us women in vast reserves to fuel us as we continue our journey of growing as a business woman.

Expressing our feminine energy is something that many of us women have either forgotten or simply do not know how to do. This is through no fault of our own but we have not been taught how to be feminine in a healthy and powerful way!

Utilizing our feminine energy in our day to day life means shifting our priorities to make the moments of our life nurturing and fulfilling to us. It means giving importance to creativity, emotional intimacy, play and valued based growth!  A woman connected to her feminine energy chooses co-operation, kindness and compassion over competition, dominance, and aggressiveness. This is the sustainable way for us women to infuse creativity, make intuitive decisions, feel confident and secure as well as stand out in our business.

I want to share with you 4 simple ways to tune into our feminine energy in our busy lifestyle so that you can continue to run a successful business without burn-outs and start having a fulfilling life alongside your business too –

    • Infuse Beauty In Your Life: When you consciously surround yourself with beauty, you feel more inspired and alive. As women, beauty is inborn in us. There are simple ways you can bring more beauty in life – wear something that makes you feel good, eat on beautiful dinnerware, buy yourself fresh flowers, enjoy a bath, essence oil, art, etc.
    • Go for a Walk: Infusing some walking time in your busy lifestyle can help you to get away from the ‘stuck-ness’ of the computer screen, become present with life and give space to your creative thinking. Nature is the greatest source of creative inspiration for our feminine energy. As you walk, observe things around you like people, places, flowers, clouds, trees, etc.
    • Spend time with your Girlfriends: Yes, we as business women forget that sisterhood is the key to our fast growth. Sisterhood backdates to the ancient times where it was the basis of many societies. As women, we are the space holders for communities to grow and thrive. It is evident that in this busy lifestyle we women are craving for real and authentic connection. When women come together in sisterhood, that real connection can be felt because there is no judgment and competition but only surrender to the real love that we are. Connect with other women who are on a similar journey as yours so that you can share experiences and also support each other.
    • Have a Non-business Hobby: We business women are always learning new ways of doing business – attending seminars, networking events, webinars, etc. Our favorite time-pass becomes reading that personal development book or listening to that podcast. All this is perfect and I highly recommend all of them. However, our feminine energy feels limited when we just surround ourselves with work and no play. Having a non-business hobby is a great way to boost creativity and confidence as well as to de-stress.

I hope these 4 simple ways inspire you to connect with your feminine energy and start living the life that you are actually working so hard for.  After all its life passing by!

I want to leave you with one of my feminine womantras –

‘There is no way that I was born to work hard, pay bills and die! I am born to live each day with love, gratitude, hope, compassion, desires, dreams and a ‘go for it’ attitude!’

About your guest blogger: Jonita D’souza assists busy women to reconnect with their femininity and sensuality so that they can experience more energy, fulfillment, and pleasure in their everyday lives without overwhelm and burn-out. She uses various modalities like NLP, EFT, Psychic Reading, Shamanism, Law of Attraction, Kinesiology, Affirmations, Clearing Statements, etc. in my work.  Jonita truly believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st-century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come.