From Vegas Showgirl to Consultant

Podcast Episode # 26

Muffy Churches has extensive experience in inspiring and initiating positive behavioral change in clients around the world.

Her fascination is with the power behind our ‘mind-set’, the notion that ‘what we think is what we experience’. She knows first-hand how our default thought patterns affect our personal and/or professional performance- how important it is for us to move from self-limiting, negative thoughts to ones of positivity and strategic personal vision.

[spp-timestamp time=”3.10″] Hear Muffys journey for how she went from dancing, to working with Dean Martin, and then having an amazing career working in Vegas

[spp-timestamp time=”5.10″] The transition on the how/what/why she followed her passion and started a G-String business

[spp-timestamp time=”16.32″] Coach Yourself – the reason for writing the book

[spp-timestamp time=”18.30″] The challenges of writing a book

[spp-timestamp time=”22.10″] What is self-coaching?

[spp-timestamp time=”28.22″] how do you stop that inner voice (and change the habit) that tells you you can’t do something?

[spp-timestamp time=”38.00″] What can we expect as an outcome when we change the way we think

[spp-timestamp time=”40.15″] The key ingredients for self coaching


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