2 Simple Ways to Get Paying Clients From Facebook Groups

So here’s the thing about Facebook-  it’s a f*cking goldmine.

There is so much money to be made on this platform and women simply are not taking advantage of it.

Now, I’m not here to talk to you about Facebook PAGES, because to be honest, right now, they’re awful.

However – Facebook GROUPS are where it’s at!

What I mean by this is simply that if you are strategic about how you show up in Facebook groups (your own or someone else’s), paying clients will practically be THROWING themselves at you.

That being said, here are 2 simple ways to get paying clients in Facebook groups without being a spammy assh*le:

Way #1 – Show up as YOU.

Here’s the biggest mistake people make, not just in Facebook groups, but in general online: they present themselves as someone they THINK they should be, instead of who they truly are.

What you want to actually do, is to put yourself in these groups (maximum 3 to prevent overwhelm) as a truly authentic person. Don’t filter yourself. Say what you need to say.

Don’t speak or act in a way other than who you REALLY are.

The point here is not just to attract clients, but to attract IDEAL clients to you. These are the clients that you absolutely LOVE working with, and who do the work and get the results they’re after.

If you show up as someone other than yourself, you will attract the WRONG kind of client, which may bring in some money, but will also leave you feeling resentful and unhappy.

On the other hand, if you show up as YOU, paying no attention to what others may think about who you really are, you will attract clients that love you for YOU because they are just like you themselves. This makes for a MUCH better working relationship!

Way #2 – Ask for the sale EVERY DAY.

I know I said you would attract clients without being spammy, so how can I be serious if I’m telling you to sell daily?

Here’s how – By giving VALUE while you sell.

Instead of posting promo after promo, pitch after pitch, what you actually want to do is share your MESSAGE first.

What is your overall truth that you want to share with the world? How do you really feel? What do you believe in? What is it that you believe everyone needs to know?

Share that! What you say each day will likely be different, but your overall message always stays the same.

For example, my overall message is that “making money online is really f*cking easy” and my purpose, my MISSION, is to show women how to create their own empire and financially provide for themselves, without having to rely on another person to do that for them.

What is YOUR message?

Along with your daily message, give them ways that they can take action from it. What can they do right NOW? That is how you give value.

Then, simply mention something that you have for sale, or a way they can work with you at the end. This is the ONLY way I make money in my business: sharing my message and asking for the sale EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The strategy is simple: pick the RIGHT groups where your ideal clients are hanging out (or create your own group), give insane value every day, and repeatedly ask for the sale.

But what really makes the biggest difference is by doing this while in complete alignment with who YOU are. Staying true to you and your calling.

If you can do that, and if you can be CONSISTENT with showing up daily and doing the work, you will not just find more clients in Facebook groups, but you’ll find more clients EVERYWHERE.

About Your Guest Blogger: Cassie Howard is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who dedicated her life to helping women entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. She built her business from scratch to multiple six figures in under a year and through her coaching, she helps other women accomplish the same.