12 Quick Internet Marketing Tips

internet marketing tips

In this article I want to share with you my top 12 Internet Marketing tips (and these are in no particular order)

Tip #1 Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to start marketing and making money online is by becoming an affiliate.

This means that you can get started earning income without actually having your own product, because you will be selling other peoples products (for a share of the profits). If you plan on selling digital products such as ebooks or other downloadable things you can earn a very good commission of up to 75% (although around 50% is the average).

There are many good places to find products that you can promote and earn a commission. Such as Clickbank for digital products and Commission Junction for everyday products. These aren’t the only affiliate places but they are a great place to get started.

When you have signed up for an affiliate program don’t forget to always use you affiliate link when selling and marketing these products  otherwise the vendor will not know who to pay and this in turn means missed affiliate commissions for you.

Tip#2  Email Marketing

Did you know that over 90% of emails/newsletters sent will never be read? Eeeeek!

If you want to ensure that your emails are going to get opened you really need to make sure your subject line announces your email.

It should do one thing only – get your readers attention!

Personalising the subject line with your prospects name is also a good idea and try not to use to much hype. Once you get them to open the email be sure to provide them with something of value and they will take you up on your offer.

If you become a resource to your readers then you will see the quality and quantity of responses change for the better.

TIP #3 Having Your Own Product

If you are good at writing or programming then one of the best ways to make money is by making your own product weather it be a digital or actually physical product.

If you are doing this for the first time then pick a subject that you know something about and try to find a problem that you could offer a solution to.

Remember, purchases are based on emotion. You are solving a problem for the customer and providing them with something they need (weather they know it of not!)

Once you have your own product then you can start your own affiliate program and get others to sell your product for you.

If you have a little bit of money and a great idea for a product then you can hire someone to create the product for you from a place like Elance.com or Odesk.com. This will help you start earning profits from you new product even faster with less work on your part.

TIP#4 Websites and Blogs

Whether you sell your own product or are selling as an affiliate it’s a good idea to start your own website or at the very least a blog.

This gives you a presence on the Internet and a base to sell from. If you promote or sell good products then it is likely that people will come back and buy from you again.

It also gives your customers and prospects a chance to get to know you. Did you know that people are more likely to purchase form someone that they know and trust rather than someone that they don’t know anything about?

Tip #5 Grow Your List

When you start collecting email addresses from visitors that come to your website you will see a definite increase in your marketing efforts.

To do this you can offer them a free gift, report or subscription to your newsletter. With a newsletter you will have an excellent opportunity to build up a loyal readership.

Then you can send a message via a newsletter to them every so often and remind them that you are still around.

People are smart. Make sure you provide them with good information that is related to your product so that they will keep on reading. Be sure not to bombard them with just sales messages. Remember you want them to trust you!

TIP #6 Get a Good Autoresponder

There are many auto responders you can use but I personally love Aweber and have been using it for many years. It’s very simple to set up and more importantly it’s cost effective (starting at $10 per month)

You can set up an automatic mailing system that will capture contact information from people who subscribe to your mailing list, and then send automated follow up sequences

This makes following up with your readers much easier and time effective.

All you have to is add the contact form or email address provided by your autoresponder service to your website site. This way people can sign up to receive messages from you.

It is best to use what is called double opt-in when you are collecting email addresses. This means that people who join your list have to confirm their request to join before you can send them any email. This is the safest way to practice email marketing.

Tip #7 Provide Value

Unless you have a straight sales site that you are getting lots of traffic to with paid advertising, you will need to create some content to bring visitors to your website.

The search engines love fresh relevant and new content. By adding articles and information focused on good keywords that are specific to the theme of your business and website you will get better listing results. The better the keywords less competition you will have.

If you can’t or do not want to write the content yourself you can hire a ghost writer to do it for you. Or you can purchase ready made private label content that will allow you to sign your name to it as the author. Just make sure you are getting what you pay for. You can expected to pay more for original content that is written for you and less for ready made content.

TIP #8 Have you submitted your website to the search engines yet?

If you want to get free traffic from the search engines you will want to submit your website to the main search engines. Like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are others, but you can start  with these. Just follow the submission instructions.

It is also a good idea get other sites to link to yours. Having links from other sites means that the search engines think that your site is a bit more important and you can also get traffic straight from the links on these sites.

There are many books available on the subject of getting free traffic by using search engine optimization. There are also many companies that will submit your site for you and help you get better results. Just make sure you choose carefully before you invest your money.

Tip #9 Guest Blogging and Submitting Articles.

Write articles for other websites is a fantastic way to increase your online presence.

This not only directs even more traffic to your website, but it also increases your brand awareness.

Important note: Don’t forget that when you submit your article to include your bio. Things to include are your name, your business name, and short description on your services and what you offer and your website link.

TIP #10 Get Repeat Visitors to Your Website. 

Always make sure that your website offers helpful information and good quality content that is updated on a regular basis.

This will keep people coming back for regular visits to see what’s new. It will also give you a reason to contact them and let them know that you have added something that will interest them on your website.

Tip #11 Multiple Streams of Income.

Once you are successful with one product or site and are making good money from it, then it is important to grow your business by adding in multiple streams of income. You can  do this easily by creating another product or site in the  same niche as the one that you are already selling in.

This way you will be able to cross promote and increase the visibility of your products. It is important to continue to  add new or updated products or services to your income stream because this way if one looses popularity or sales slow down you will  have more than one income to rely on.

Tip #12 Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing is all about giving away your own free product or service. When someone gets your free product they are also allowed to pass it along as a freebie.

This is a quick way to multiple your marketing efforts.

You can do this with ebooks, software, articles, audio’s and videos as long as you can attach your marketing message and a call to action to it.

By using viral marketing strategies, you can reach out all over  the Internet with much less effort.

I would love to hear your most effective marketing tip, or one that you struggle with the most. Share you comments below and open up the discussion

To your success!

Michele Elmas-Hardy