10 Years To An Overnight Success

I remember being 2 years into my first business and saying to a mentor of mine, “I have been working so hard, I don’t understand why I’m not further ahead?” I was doing pretty well, business was good. But it wasn’t as exceptional as my imagination had led me to believe it would be when I was 2 years in.

He told me that a business takes 10 years to become an overnight success. There are always amazing exceptions of course, but for most people, we need to absolutely work our butts off for many years before we see the full potential of what we can create.

At the time it felt like it was so far away. At the beginning of any business, you’re always over worked and under paid and then you reach that tipping point and you’re under worked and over paid. I believe that the reason that the small business failure rate in Australia is so high is because people give up too easily and too early. It’s not supposed to be easy! But we love the challenge, right? 

For me, my level of success came in 2013, 9 years into my business journey. Everything got much easier after that. Sure, there are always problems, but it’s much easier when you have the means to solve them. The universe has this way of rewarding you once you’ve mastered your current set of problems. It just gives you a new set to master. But that’s what it’s all about. We wanted to be business women. We wanted a life less ordinary. We wanted the freedom and flexibility of being able to create our own future and often raise our families at the same time. And we can have it. You just have to believe, to work hard, to be kind to people and above all PERSIST.  It’s so much easier said than done when the bills are piling up, you barely have time to go to the toilet, you feel the pain in your neck from the responsibility you’re heaving around and you can’t remember the last time you had a worry free day. But it’s totally worth it. Take control of your days so that those ones are few and far in between, set your plan of what your ideal life looks like and don’t give up until you get there.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s the little things that you do consistently that will make the biggest difference over time. Every day, do something else that will take you towards your goal and before you know it, you will wake up and realise that all of your dreams have come true.

About Your Guest Blogger: Tina Tower, founder of Begin Bright started her first business at the age of 20 and by the time she hit 30 had built and sold 2 businesses, completed a degree, got married, had two children and started in the challenging world of building a National franchise network. Tina has ran a toy store, tutoring centres, designed and licensed her programs and franchised her business in 2011. Building the network of Begin Bright centres up to more than 30, Begin Bright was acquired by international education company, Cognition Education in 2016.  Tina has been featured in Sky Business, The Financial Review and was the 2014 Telstra Australian Young Businesswoman of the Year.