10 Lessons I learned From Positive Thinking

This past May I challenged myself to 21 days of positivity, being accountable by documenting it on social media.  I accomplished this by choosing something I would see, do, or think that was positive each day.  Research consistency supports that positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health and improving work outcomes.  As a business woman, I wanted to test out my own convictions, to see how far my mindset could elevate me.

Here are 10 lessons I learned from positivity.

  1. Thinking Can Be A Band-aid.

A band-aid can provide a quick fix on the go, and your thoughts can do the same.  It’s easy to say that you view the glass as half full, but be aware that you could be fooling yourself into believing that you practice positivity.  The night before my first post, I was racking my brain about what I would choose.  It was then that I realized positivity was just a thought to me.  I really believed I was the queen of optimism, but when it came time for me to show it, I went blank.  This challenge was exactly what I needed to define how positivity would be an action in my life vs. just a thought.  Challenge yourself to apply your ideas, and you will soon realize how to make your thoughts work to their full potential.

2.  There is power in writing words

There is value in being surrounded by words of inspiration.  The truth for me is that I enjoy hearing certain words, as I am sure you do to.  Take this list for example: bosslady, confidence, helpful and entrepreneur.  Those are just a handful of words that I wrote on a white board during my challenge.  Filling up that board was life changing because positivity is present in so many words.  These words are present in my life and I had overlooked it.  I managed to elevate and motivate myself very quickly.  It’s an exercise that I realized I wasn’t doing enough of, but committed myself to do more of.  Take a post it note full of words and keep it at your desk.  It will remind you of the abundance of life.

3.  Gratitude Wins Over Silence

To often in life we assume that people know how important they really are to us.  They say silence is golden, but not when it comes to acknowledgement.  If you really appreciate someone then express it.  I came to know during these 21 days that expressing gratitude is under utilized.  I know because when I started to express thanks and call people to tell them I appreciate them, it was clear how easy it is to not do it.  Gratitude is a technique of building environments that allow us to thrive.

4.  A High 5 Goes A Long Way:

I typically engage people through a smile, head nod or hello.  This may seem like enough to not be labelled anti-social, but what happens if you push the envelope?  This particular day of the challenge I decided to high 5 people to celebrate ideas or accomplishments.  It was so fun to see shifts in energy!  The high 5 is one of many ways we can create positive exchanges of energy to increase well-being.

5.  Doubt Is A Real Thing

Even during a positivity challenge doubt had a way of creeping into my mind!  I was more aware of this feeling during this time, and came to remember that whom you choose to surround yourself with can increase your doubt, or help you throw it out the window.  You can’t always control the company that you keep, but you can set aside quality time with like minded, positive people who support your passions, charge your battery, and lead to a more productive life.  This challenge helped me to identify my positive network.   

6.  Know What You Want

Being aware of what you want to add into your life, and making time to seek it out is an effective way to stay positive.  Protect your time by understanding your goals.  Being in the know is calming, and you will panic less about what if’s.   

7.  Life Is Your Catwalk, You Can Model It How You Want To

Don’t let anything prevent you from walking your walk and talking your talk.  Bring your ideas, opinions, and thoughts to your runway.  Negativity will always try to get a seat at your show, but never choose to let it take away from your well deserved spotlight.

8.  LOL Is Just Three Letters

Actually laughing out loud can change the dynamic of any situation.  Choose to laugh.  Its contagious and will contribute to pure enjoyment.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals.  Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can help ease pain.

9. Positivity Is Addicting

I can say that May 2016 is a memorable time in my life.  Each day I would become more and more excited about my posts, and my life.  The truth is we all have some sort of tunnel vision when it comes to life appreciation.  I re-connected on so many levels and nothing can beat the realization of how blessed you truly are.

10.  I missed it.

When the challenge was said and done I missed it.  I was like a lost child on day 22.  Why was I not posting?  Moving forward, it didn’t need it to be a 21 day challenge, because it was my life.  It does continue as a healthy habit, and one that I am very proud of.

About Your Guest Blogger; Dr. Rubina Tahir is a board certified Chiropractor, and can best be described as a woman on a mission to inspire healthy lifestyles. When she is not in the office treating patients, you can catch her hosting and producing The Rx and The Philly Doctors, airing only on My New Philly.  Both shows are designed to present current health information, and tips on how you can better your health.  She is known as The Health Referee, a health column with Philly Man Magazine, and is a contributor to The Huffington Post Blog.  As an instructor for New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Rubina educates Chiropractors for continuing education on topics such as sleep and ergonomics.  She has contributed expert advice to outlets such as Reader’s Digest, Medical Daily, Nail Pro Magazine, and PHL17.  For more information visit www.rubinatahir.com